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Coca Cola | More Than Just A Drink


The brief: Coca-Cola, the iconic brand is inviting you to be a part of its celebration as the ENERGIZING refreshment. Now Coca-Cola empowers you to unleash your creativity by showing us how you can interpret Coca-Cola as an ENERGIZING refreshment in whatever style or format you like.

My approach: After many nights of thought, planning and hefty amounts of coffee i decided that the best way to portray Coca Cola as an ENERGIZING refreshment was to visually show the drink bringing someone or something to life, to depict Coca Cola as a Life-source – MORE THAN JUST A DRINK…

Art direction and Design:  Shaun Preece   /  Photography:  Geraint Radford   /  Model:  Mattew Tidball

Coca Cola Design Campaign
Coca Cola Design Campaign
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